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December 30, 2012
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Mage App by tabbyburger Mage App by tabbyburger
I'm too tired to put info right now... ahh my app doesn't look good bc i don't know how to use sai =w=
//rolls away

Name: Tatiana

Age: 15

Gender: SHE'S A WOMAN~

Height: 5'2"

Mage Type: Forbidden

Mage Item: Dreamcatcher
Mage Weapon: her wand staff thingy

Magical Attacks: N/A

Stats: N/A I don't know how to do it D:

Tatiana seems like a person who goes with the flow. To go wherever the wind takes her. She always seems to be relaxed and have a smile on her face. Tatiana loves to help people and listen to their problems. She can give decent advice and keep secrets. The truth is Tatiana is always worried of what other people think of her. She will try really hard to make sure everyone likes her...which is impossible and can be annoying to some. Some days she gets really depressed and hallow because she thinks about how people don't need her and how fake she seems to them. She doesn't have a big self esteem and even the littlest comment can make her super happy. Although she likes helping others out in any way she can, Tatiana gets lazy with her personal life. She procrastinates like crazy and loves to daydream.

-Any food really
-Being helpful
-Any crafts or DIY activites
-comfy clothes
-any animals
-sunsets and sunrises (she hardly gets to see them because she is a heavy sleeper)
-ghost stories

-being ignored
-seeing someone sad
-spiders ugh
-anything that she knows she has to do ex: homework

-She usually is relaxed when out of MAGE form but when she goes into combat, Tatiana gets serious. She thinks of it as fighting for someone/something important.
-she doesn't have a good sense of direction
-she's really dense when it comes to romance so she won't know if your hitting on her LOL that also means she doesn't know hot to flirt xD.
- if she had a crush she would probably go in denial like "I just like helping him!"
-although she loves to help people, she doesn't take other people's help easily.
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hiki132457 Dec 31, 2012  Hobbyist Artist
Thank you! ;3; for some reason the quality decreased immensely when I tried to shrink the original picture down...orz
I still have to think of personality, stats, and history ^^'
Hurry up with yourrrrs~ I wanna see!
hiki132457 Dec 31, 2012  Hobbyist Artist
Heh, well if she gets accepted (which she WILL) you can just add it later.
And yeah. I have to convert my files to post things here- or really just merge everything, copy it and paste to Paint and save it there. So it decreases quality on mine. (Clicking on full size makes it much better, though.)
I don't know about that xD MAGE is really intimidating and it seems like a type of group that requires a wonderful app. I mean all my idols are there ;3;

It decreases the quality so muchhhhh ughh
hiki132457 Dec 31, 2012  Hobbyist Artist
Eh, your app seems pretty wonderful to me ._.

yeah, I blame dA for the quality thing a little too...
When I look at other apps I get discouraged xD I don't know how to add patterns or make pretty bgs ;3;

Darn da!! :iconslamheadplz:
hiki132457 Dec 31, 2012  Hobbyist Artist
There are so many good artists it's sickening to look back on my work. (Hence, my most recent post.)
That's why browsing through da inspires me but it also discourages me ;3;
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I love the way you designed her dress :3
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